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Leader nella decorazione digitale su ceramica e porcellana

“Gli inventori del moderno sistema
di stampa laser su ceramica”

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Ceramic Toners

Ceramics Toner for Canon, Ricoh, Konica etc 

Unicolor Professional develop and sell the own ceramic toners (with or without flux) that we use everyday in our activity of mader of photoceramics. our range of colors are: Yellow, Cyan, Black, Magenta, Red and Mageta-Red for Canon CLC 11xx, Canon C1,Ricoh, Konica.


  Real colors
  Wide color range
  Strong red
  Low dust
  More fusing
  Low price  



Flux Toner  



To fix the label effect we made also a toner with FLUX Inside. This toner is compatible with all ceramic printers (Canon, Ricoh and Konica). These toners are suggested for object decoration 





Red, Magenta and Magenta-Red toners


Unicolor Professional Printer system use 3 usual colors (CYK) and the 4th that is possible to choice in according of needs:


MAGENTA: to have a great violet, pink etc but with a little sacrifice for the red colors.
RED: to have a great Red and Orange but with a little sacrifice for the Magenta and pink colors.
MAGENTA-RED: to obtain a good compromise and have a good Magenta and a good Red.

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